Daily plan and settling in

The First Days/settling in

At Little Stars we want all children to feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents.  Reassurance will be offered to you during the settling in period.

We will encourage you, where appropriate, to separate from your child for brief periods at first gradually building up to longer absences.  We are happy to work with you and your child to ensure a happy and successful introduction to Little Stars.

Drop off and collection

Upon arrival, please encourage your child to put their coat on their named peg in the Classroom cloak room and place their bags underneath on the floor, they then remove outdoor shoes and place on the shoe rack.

All children must be delivered to and collected from Pre-School by an adult.  We will sign your child in on the register before entering the pre-school room.  

Once inside the pre-school children self-register by finding their own name card from the table and then put on their indoor pumps.  The children then have free play until all children have arrived, once all have arrived the children sit ready for morning register/greeting and for the children to choose what they would like to play with during the session.  

At Little Stars we do have a logo uniform which is not compulsory.

This can be purchased from www.wbglobaltrading.co.uk
WB Schoolwear, 20 Bells End Road, Walton On Trent, Staffordshire, DE12 8ND.
01283 711538.

Otherwise simple clothing that your child can fasten and unfasten themselves is best, as this will enable greater independence when putting on their coats and shoes.  Due to the nature of the activities which take place at Little Stars your child may get messy so please make sure they wear easily washable clothing and a bag of spare clothes for each session is also advisable.

We ask that every child has a pair of named pumps/plimsolls for indoor wear and a pair of named wellies for outdoor wear, these will be left at Little Stars.

To avoid clothing mix-ups, could we ask that clothing shoes, bags, lunch bags and water bottles are clearly named. 

Suitable attire on wet and cold days is a must (including wellies) as are sunhats on sunny days. If the weather is forecast to be particularly hot, please apply sun cream to your child before they arrive.

Drinking water

Please bring a drink for your child in a named water bottle  which we will refill as required throughout the day.


If your child is in nappies or you are toilet training please provide changing equipment ie. Nappies, wipes and extra clothing, this can be left in your child’s bag.


If your child is attending a full day session or an afternoon session, they will need to bring a healthy balanced packed lunch and a drink which they will eat at group lunchtime.  Please ensure your child’s lunch and drink are clearly labelled.